Ciampino Hotels Close To The Airport

Although there are no hotels actually located onsite at  Rome Ciampino airport, there are several hotels near Ciampino Airport. These hotels  are all available to passengers arriving at or departing from Ciampino airport. These hotels are a popular choice with many passengers as they provide the ideal place to stay if you have a late night arrival or early morning departure.

Hotels Near Rome Ciampino Airport

The nearest hotels to Ciampino airport are located just a couple of miles from the airport itself, which makes them the perfect choice for passengers.

Ciampino Airport Hotel Walking Distance

If you are wanting to stay at a hotel near Ciampino Airport that is within walking distance, there is something you should take into consideration. Although some websites say that these hotels are located 0.2 miles “just behind the airport” (which is true as the crow flies), they are in fact a couple of miles by road. This is simply because to reach them, you have to go around the perimeter fence of the airport airfield.

This obviously means that the walk to the hotel is not a short one and can be much more awkward than you may think.

Why Choose One Of The Hotels Near Ciampino Airport

Ciampino HotelMany passengers choose to stay at one of the Ciampino hotels that are close to Ciampino airport simply for the convenience. Staying at one of the hotels close to the airport allows you to enjoy a good nights sleep before an early morning flight. It also means that you do not have to get up earlier than is necessary to get to the airport in time for your flight and also eliminates the worry of getting there on time. Waking up refreshed for your flight is a big plus point when staying at a hotel near the airport and is something that many passengers appreciate.

The earliest flight Departures from Ciampino airport depart at around 06.30am and the very fact that there is no public transport service available to passengers from the centre of Rome or Ciampino at this time, makes staying at a hotel near the airport an obvious choice. The nearest hotels to Ciampino airport are located just a couple of miles away from the airport which means that getting to the airport for 04.30am is much easier than trying to get there from the centre of Rome.

It is possible to stay in the airport Arrivals area from 00.00am – 04.00am but it is not something that many passengers wish to do. If you want to read more about this option, please click on the following link: Staying Overnight At Ciampino Airport

If you are arriving at Ciampino airport on a late night flight, it might be that you want to stay in a hotel before you continue your onward journey the following day. This is a popular choice with many passengers arriving at the airport late at night, for many reasons. The main reasons why passengers choose to stay at one of the hotels near Ciampino airport after a late night arrival, is simply because they just want to get straight to bed and do not want the hassle of travelling late at night in the dark . Many passengers will have had a long day travelling and if you have a long way to travel to reach your final destination, the last thing you feel like doing is travelling even more. If you have hired a car from the airport and have a long drive ahead of you, it is sometimes better and much safer to get a good night’s sleep so that can start your onward journey the next day refreshed and rested.

Staying at one of the Ciampino hotels close to the airport can also be a cheaper alternative than staying at one of the hotels in the city centre of Rome. If you stay at one of the hotels in the centre of Ciampino, you can get to the centre of Rome in less than 20 minutes by train. To learn more about getting from Ciampino to Rome, please click on the following link: Ciampino To Rome By Train

What Kind Of Ciampino Hotels Are Available

There are many hotels available within close proximity to the airport to suit all needs and budgets. Hotels close to Ciampino airport range from basic one star hotels to the more luxurious four star hotels. If you are just looking to stay at the hotel for one night and just require the basic facilities such as bed and washing facilities, then there are plenty of hotels to choose from at competitive prices.

There are also several Bed and Breakfast establishments located close to the airport which provide a perfect option of accommodation for passengers.

Which Ciampino Hotels Are Close To Ciampino Airport

4 Star Ciampino Hotels

Quality Hotel Excel Ciampino Airport: just 10 minutes drive from the airport, this four star hotel provides a free one way shuttle service that leaves for the airport each morning.

Idea Hotel Roma Cinecittà: This four star hotel is situated a little further out from the airport than other and is approximately 6 klms away.


3 Star Ciampino Hotels

Hotel Villa Giulia:  Hotel Villa Giulia is a 3 star hotel located 3 klms from Ciampino Airport. The hotel is situated in the centre of Ciampino and just a couple of hundred metres from Ciampino train station.

CiampinoHotel: Close to the railway station in Ciampino and just 3 klms from Ciampino airport.

Hotel Louis: located just 2.5 klms from Ciampino airport providing an ideal choice for passengers.

Hotel Palacavicchi: Located just 5 minutes drive from the airport and providing a shuttle service for guests, this hotel is apopular choice.

Hotel Giardino d’Europa: situated 4 klms from the airport.

One Park Hotel: located 2 klms from the airport

Hotel Arcadia: This hotel is just 10 minutes drive from the airport


2 Star Ciampino Hotels

Hotel Laura: Situated 3 klms from the aiport and in the centre of Ciampino close to the train station.

Hotel Louis I: Located near the train station in Ciampino just 3 klms from the airport

Hotel Piccolo Borgo: Situated 5 klms from the airport


1 Star Ciampino Hotels

Hotel Anna: located in Ciampino, just 3 klms from the airport

How to Find The Best Deals On Hotels Near Ciampino Airport

To find the best deals for the above hotels, it is a good idea to use one of the hotel comparison websites that are available online. These will search for all the hotels that have availability for your chosen dates and then provide you with the best deals that are available.

Find The Best Deals On Ciampino Hotels