Ciampino Airport Arrivals And Procedures

As a passenger arriving at Rome Ciampino Airport, there are certain procedures that you will be required to undertake. This simple guide outlines those procedures that are in place at Ciampino Airport Arrivals and it will hopefully answer any questions you may have about your arrival at Ciampino.

Arrivals At Ciampino Airport

As you arrive at Ciampino airport, your aircraft will taxi from the runway and onto the Apron into the designated space that has been allocated for the aircraft. Once the aircraft has taxied into its position, the ground support at the airport will attach the steps for the passengers to disembark the aircraft. Passengers then need to disembark the aircraft and make their way to the terminal building.

Please Note: You will need to walk from the aircraft to the terminal building and if you have any special requirements regarding mobility, you should notify the airline prior to your arrival date.

The airline staff and members of the airport Ground Support team will be on the Apron to ensure you have a safe transition from the aircraft to the terminal building. There is a green walkway marked on the Apron to guide you into the Terminal building.

Inside Ciampino Airport Arrivals Terminal

Ciampino Airport is a very small airport in comparison with some of the other major International airports and once you are inside the Arrivals Terminal, you will notice that everything is located in one place. This actually makes the whole Arrivals process very quick and you are normally through Arrivals in minutes.

Baggage Reclaim At Ciampino Airport Arrivals

As you enter the Arrivals Terminal you will enter through a set of doors and then walk toward another set of door to the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ area. As you walk through the second set of doors, you will see the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ carousels to your right. If you are traveling with hold luggage, you will need to locate the carousel which has been allocated for your flight. Each flight is allocated with its own carousel and there are overhead monitors that display the flight number to which each carousel is processing. Simply look at the monitors to find out which carousel has been allocated for your flight and then wait next to it for your luggage to appear. Once you have successfully collected your luggage from the carousel, you can proceed to the main Arrivales Exit.

Obviously, if you are travelling without any hold luggage and only have hand luggage, you can make your way to the main Arrivals Exit doors.

The Main Arrivals Exit doors are located at the opposite side of the Baggage Reclaim area to which you entered at the end of carousel number 3.

Facilities Inside the Baggage Reclaim Area

As you enter the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ area at Ciampino airport you will see a Tourist Information desk which is situated to your right. At the information desk, you can pick up a Free map of the city of Rome and also find out any information you may need to acquire before you continue with your onward journey. You can also purchase the Roma Pass if you have not already purchased one in advance which is advisable. Roma Pass

Information Desk

Lost & Found Desk – There is a Lost & Found desk situated inside the Baggage Reclaim area.



Once you have

The Main Arrivals Area At Ciampino Airport

Ciampino Airport ArrivalsAs you proceed through the Exit doors and enter the Main Arrivals area, you may be surprised at how small the Arrivals area actually is. In the Main Arrivals area there are several desks which sell bus tickets and for the coaches to Rome. You can purchase your ticket from these desks on the day but if the airport is busy and there are lots of people wanting to buy tickets for the bus, you may find that you either miss the first bus through waiting in the queue or because it is full. Pre-booking your ticket in advance is often the best policy as it guarantees your seat. You can also purchase your ticket for the public bus to Rome and also to the centre of Rome. The desk is directly in front of you as you enter the Arrivals area and says “Public Transport To Rome”.

The Main Arrivals are is where you will be greeted if you have pre-booked your transfer or if your transfer is included in with your holiday. A representative will be waiting for you in the Arrivals area but it is always a good idea to check with them before arriving at the airport to make sure.

Outside Ciampino Airport Arrivals Terminal

Once you have successfully reclaimed your luggage, cleared Security and made your way through to the Main Arrivals area, you will then need to make your way outside to your chosen transfer option. There are several transfer options available to you such as Taxi, Coach, Car Hire or Public Bus. As mentioned earlier, you can purchase ticket inside the Arrivals area.

Taxis: Taxis are located directly outside the Arrivals area.

Public Buses: The public buses depart from the bus stops which are located Outside to the left of the Terminal buildings.

Coaches: The coaches also leave from the bus stops that are located outside the Terminal buildings.

Facilities In The
Main Arrivals Area

Pharmacy: Inside the Main Arrivals are at Ciampino Airport there is a Pharmacy which is located to the right.

Snack Bar/Café: Passengers can buy refreshments from the snack bar which is situated inside the Main Arrivals are direct in front of the Arrivals doors as you enter the Arrivals area. The snack bar serves a wide range of drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Toilets: The toilets inside the Arrivals are are located to the left as you enter the Arrivals area.

Currency Exchange: There is a Currency Exchange Bureau located inside the Arrivals area for passengers wishing to exchange money.

Information Point: There is also a computerised Information point inside the Arrivals are that is available for passengers to use.


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