Ciampino Airport To Rome By Train

There are several ways you can reach the centre of Rome from Ciampino airport and one of the popular ways is by train. However, there is no direct rail link at the airport and if you want to get from Ciampino airport to Rome by train, you will first need to make your way to the train station at Ciampino. The journey is very simple and straight forward and the following guide will hope help you with your journey.

A Step By Step Guide For Getting From Ciampino Airport To Rome By Train

Step 1:

To get to the train station in Ciampino from the airport, you can either catch a taxi from the airport to the train station or catch the local bus. The local bus is the cheapest option and costs just €1.20 one way (at the time of writing). Tickets can either be bought inside the Main Arrivals terminal at the airport from the kiosk that says ‘Public Transport To Rome’.

The bus to the train station leaves from outside the airport on the left hand side. Once you walk out of the Main Arrivals doors you will see the taxis on your right and in the distance to the left, you will see the bus stops. The local bus that stops at the train station usually departs from bus stand number 2 and displays ‘Via Ciampino’ on the front of the bus.

The bus journey from Ciampino airport to the train station in Ciampino takes between 5 -10 minutes.

The bus stops outside the train station in Ciampino and once you embark the bus, it is just a short stroll from the bus stop to the station. Once you are in Ciampino train station, you will need to purchase your ticket for your journey from Ciampino to Rome.

Step 2: Purchase Your Ticket

Before you board or travel on any train in Italy, you must first purchase a ticket and validate the ticket before you travel. This is a very simple process and can be done by using one of the ticket ‘Biglietto’ machines that are locate just through the entrance doors to the right. The ticket machines accept both cash and cards for payment and are very easy to use. All the ticket machines are touch screen and give you a choice of languages to choose from. Choose the language you would like by touching the screen and then follow the instruction on screen.

After you have selected which language you would like to use, you will then be asked where you want to travel to.

Which ticket to purchase

When you are purchasing your ticket from the machine and asked you to select your destination, you will need to select ‘Rome Termini’. The main central train station in Rome is call the ‘Termini’ train station and this is the destination you will need to choose. After you have selected ‘Rome Termini’, you will then be given a choice of train times to choose from. These times start with the next earliest train available and are usually scheduled approximately every 15 minutes.

Tip: If there is a train scheduled to leave for Rome within a few minutes of you arriving at Ciampino train station, it may be better to wait until the next train after that one to allow yourself a little more time to purchase your ticket and validate your ticket. This is because you then need to validate your ticket that will then allow you to travel on that specific train. When you validate your ticket, you have a certain amount of time to complete your travel and if you fail to do so, your ticket will no longer be valid. This will result in you having to purchase another ticket!

Once you have selected your destination and the time of the train you wish to travel on, it will then ask you if you would like to purchase your ticket. If you are happy with your selections, press ‘Purchase’ on the screen. It will then say ‘Collect your ticket’, this simply means take it from the tray below.

Validating Your Ticket From Ciampino To Rome Termini

Once you have purchased your ticket from the machine inside the entrance to Ciampino train station, you will need to validate it before you board the train. This can be done by using one of the machines on the opposite side of the wall to the ticket machines or in the main entrance of the train station at the top of the stairs. The process is very easy and all you need to do is simply insert your ticket into the machine. Your ticket will have a ‘Q code’ on it and this should inserted facing up.

Waiting For Your Train

Once you have successfully validated your ticket, you will need to wait for your train and see which platform your train is departing from. The easiest way to find out which platform your train departs from is to wait at the top of the stairs in the entrance to the train station and watch the overhead monitors until it displays your trains departure platform number. Most passengers wait at the top of the stairs in the entrance that lead down to the platforms. When the platform number appears, simply make your way to the allocated platform and await your train to arrive.

Step 3: Board Your Train

Ciampino Airport To RomeOnce your train arrives on the platform get on board and enjoy your journey from Ciampino train station to Rome Termini central station. The journey time from Ciampino train station to Rome Termini station takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

On arrival at Rome Termini you will need to make your way along the platform to the exit. The platforms at Rome Termini station are very long and if your train pulls in to one at the end, it can be a long walk to the main exit. If you have any restrictions with mobility, it might be best to pre arrange assistance before your travel.

Warning: Rome Termini train station is a very busy station and thieves and pick pockets do operate in this area. Ensure you have all your valuable hidden away in a safe and secure place on your person!

We hope this guide has helped you plan your trip from Ciampino airport to Rome by train.