Rome Tourist Guide To Save Money, Time and Stress

How To Save Money, Time and Stress In Rome

Rome is a very popular tourist destination, especially throughout the main peak tourist season and with this popularity, obviously comes crowds. This in turn then results in high prices in the main tourist areas. Yes, just like any other major tourist destination in the world, Rome can certainly be expensive but there are also ways to avoid these high prices!

Rome Tourist Guide

To be honest, Rome can be as expensive or as cheap you make it and the reason why many people find it expensive is simply down to lack or research, forward planning and not knowing how Rome works and the hidden charges that they may incur. This is why the majority of people who visit Rome, end up paying more money than is necessary during their stay.

This guide is designed to provide you useful information that will hopefully help you save money during your time in Rome.

Embrace What Is FREE

They say that Rome itself is a museum and it is, everywhere you look, every turn you make there is something different to see that will amaze you. This in itself means that you can visit Rome, walk around the city and still enjoy plenty of the major sights for FREE. Yes, Rome is a great city and if you are watching the pennies and have a limited budget, the good news is that you will still be able to have a great time in Rome on a low budget.

Warning: People do get caught out when they visit Rome and end up paying for things they didn’t need to, hopefully this page will highlight those little charges you should.


Choosing the right time of year to visit Rome is essential if you want to save money on your flights. Flying to Rome during the peak months will obviously be more expensive than out of season. If you are flexible with your dates, you should try and visit Rome when it is less busy and this will reflect in your flight prices. Compare prices before you book to ensure you receive the best deals for your chosen dates. There are now several low cost airlines that fly into Rome Ciampino Airport so you can generally find a good deal throughout the year.

Book In Advance

Now, this may seem obvious but so many people do not do it and as a result end up spending more money, wasting time and add more stress to their trip than is necessary. If you can book things in advance, do so. Here are just a few things that you should book in advance.


Car Hire: If you are wanting to hire a car from the airport, make sure you book your reservation in advance and don’t just turn up at the airport on the day and hire one. If you book in advance it will be much cheaper, you will be able to compare price and ensure you get the best deal for your dates, as well as getting the car you require. If you turn up at one of the care hire desks at the airport and try to hire one on the day of your arrival

If you are just visiting the centre of Rome I would recommend not hiring a car. Driving in Rome car be a bit manic and by the time you have navigated safely around the city and found your accommodation, it would have been quicker to have taken the bus, train or taxis form the airport to the centre of Rome. Once you have parked your car (and paid the parking cost), the car would probably be sat doing nothing, except wasting you money!

Parking In Rome City Centre

If you are planning on driving into the city centre of Rome, you need to be aware of a few regulations which may end up costing you money if you do not understand the laws! As with most major cities throughout the world, parking is limited and what parking spaces there are in Rome, will cost you money to park in.

Inside the main city centre of Rome, parking on the street is pretty much forbidden and in the ‘ZTL’ (Zona Traffico Limitato). However, outside the main historic centre and ZTL, there are designated parking bay which you can park your car. These parking bays are painted blue and there is a set charge per hour from Monday – Friday between set times depending on which area of the city you park in.


Rome Tourist Guide To Local Transport – Public Transport Tickets

Rome is a very large city and many of the main attractions are spread out across the city, which means using public transport is a good option. Public buses, trams, trolley buses and trains are a relatively cheap way to get around Rome and the public transport system is very efficient and easy to navigate. The public transport system in Rome is a much cheaper option for getting around the city than catching a cab. There are several different types of tickets and you should consider which ticket is the best for you and your requirements.

Standard Ticket: This ticket is valid for a single metro journey or 100 minutes on the buses from the time of validation and allows you to change buses if there is no direct bus route available.

24 Hours – 48 Hours – 72 Hours: These tickets are valid on all buses, Metro and trains and are valid for the set duration of 24, 48 or 72 hours from the time of validation, depending  which ticket you purchase.

Note: Public Transport is FREE for children under the age of 10.

Use Your Feet

Although the city of Rome is very big and spread out, one of the best ways to explore Rome is by foot and it is free! If mobility is not a problem, it is a great way to see the city. Just about everywhere you turn, there is something to see and you will probably see things that you wouldn’t normally see on the bus, train, Metro or in a car.

Using the information in the Rome tourist guide will help you save money, time and stress and avoid the many pitfalls that can cost you money.

Roma Pass

If you are going to Rome for several days and want to explore the sights, attractions and museums as much as possible, then it is definitely worth considering purchasing the Roma Pass. One of the biggest money and time savers has got to be the Roma Pass.

The Vatican Museums

On the last Sunday of every month between 9am and 12.30pm, it is FREE entrance to visitors at the Vatican Museums. This is great if you are on a limited budget but just take into account that during these FREE entrance days, the crowds are pretty big.

FREE Attractions In Rome

Although Rome can be expensive, there are certainly plenty of attractions in Rome that are FREE to enjoy. In fact, some of the Rome’s most famous and popular attractions are FREE. Plenty of Rome’s most popular attractions are free, such as all churches (including St. Peter’s Basilica) and other famous attractions such as the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain to name but a few.

Use The Water Fountains ( Nasoni fountains )

We all know how much a single bottle of water can cost in a major tourist area, especially if it is hot. One thing that many people do not realise is that Rome has a large number of water fountains around the city that provide drinking water and they are FREE! A great way to save a considerable amount of money during your stay in Rome is to take your own drinking bottle and keep filling it at the fountains.

Hotels and Accommodation

Unless you have a big budget or you really need to stay in the centre of Rome, try to choose accommodation outside the city centre. As you can imagine, hotels in the centre of Rome are priced at a premium, especially during peak times. If you are trying to save money on your trip to Rome, look for hotels further out and you should see a significant difference. It is always best to compare prices with hotel comparison websites such as Booking.com

Avoid Over Priced Eateries

I’m sure you are well aware that if you eat near the major attractions, you will generally pay much more for your meals and this is no different eating out in Rome. Restaurants that are close to the main tourist areas generally cater for the tourists and this means overpriced menus and not the best food. This said, there are some really nice restaurants and there are restaurants which cater for all budgets. Be wise when you are looking for somewhere to eat and compare prices beforehand. A good tip is to keep your eye out when you are walking around the city and see how much the prices vary in the different parts of the city. If you do this as you walk around during the day, it will save you so much time later in the evening and as well as saving you money. If you try looking for somewhere to eat when you are hungry, you will no doubt opt for the nearest place, which could work out to be the most expensive! Remember, have a look where the locals are eating and you won’t go far wrong for quality and price.

Parks In Rome

Rome has several parks and yes, you guessed it, they are FREE. If you are on a budget and are just going to Rome to explore and see the sights, spending a few hours in one of the parks in and around Rome is a great way to relax and pass a few hours. Even better, take a picnic and save even more money on a beautiful day out at little cost.


If you are visiting Rome for the shopping, then consider going when the sales are on. The shops in Rome usually have sales in August and January and if you are looking for a deal, you could find several in the sales.

People Watch

It’s the oldest pass time in the world but it is FREE and what better place to do it than Rome. Rome has several busy and vibrant Piazzas (squares) with plenty going on in each. Sit and literally watch the day go by and it won’t cost you a penny or Euro!