Rome Airport Transfer

Passengers landing at Ciampino airport, have a wide selection of Rome airport transfer to choose from. Obviously, it depends on your own personal preference and budget as to which form of transport you decide to take to reach your final destination but there are options to suit all budgets. One of the most popular destination for passengers arriving at Ciampino Airport is Rome. Due to the large number of passengers that arrive at the airport each year visiting Rome, the airport now provides a good Ground Support system that enable passengers to reach Rome very easily. There are many options available to passenger with regards to transfer from the Ciampino airport to the centre of Rome and then from the centre of Rome back to Ciampino airport.

Due to the distance from Ciampino airport to the centre of Rome, no matter which form of transfer you choose, it should be relatively inexpensive. However, there are several options which may cost you a little more but these are usually private transfers and are much quicker than the shared options or public transport, hence the higher price.

Please Note: As the airport does not have a direct rail link, all forms of transport to and from the airport is by road. However, if you do want to reach Rome by train from Ciampino airport, it really is not a problem and all you will need to do is first catch the local bus service to Ciampino Railway Station and then catch the train from Ciampino to Rome. The bus from the Ciampino airport to Ciampino Train Station takes approximately 5-10 minutes and only cost €1.20 each way (at the time of writing). The train from Ciampino train station runs at regular times throughout the day and only costs €1.50 each way. The journey from Ciampino train station to the Central train Station in Rome ‘Termini’ takes around 10-15 minutes.

Below, is a list of the most popular choices of Rome airport transfer and the various options listed will hopefully cover all budgets and requirements.

Cheapest And Most Popular Options Of Rome Airport Transfer

Coach Transfer

Rome Airport TransferOne of the most popular options and one of the cheapest, hassle free ways of reaching Rome city centre from Ciampino airport, is to take the coach. The coach service operates regularly throughout the day and is scheduled to coincide with flight arrivals and departures. The coach costs just €4 one-way (at the time of writing) and takes 40 minutes. The coach leaves from outside the arrivals area and it is advisable to pre-book your seat prior to your arrival at the airport. Pre-booking your seat will guarantee your seat avoid disappointment if you simply turn up at the airport wanting to purchase a ticket and the coach is full.

Ciampino Airport Transfer

Rome Airport Transfer By Coach

Shared Shuttle Service Option For Rome Airport Transfer

Several companies offer a shared shuttle service to and from Ciampino airport. The beauty of these services, is that if there are a large number of people traveling in your party, it can be a viable option. The other added bonus with using a Shuttle service from Ciampino Airport is that it will drop you off and pick you up at your hotel. Obviously, due to the fact that the Shuttle services provide a more personal and direct service than the coach services or using public transport and this is why the are more expensive.

Rome airport transfer using shared shuttle

Shuttle Direct

Private Airport Transfer To Your City Hotel

This option is great if you are staying in one of the hotels in Rome city centre and do not want the hassle of waiting at the airport for public transport or other passengers. This service eliminate having to wait around or struggle with your luggage on the bus or train. Private Shuttle services will collect you from the airport and drive you in your own private car to your designated hotel. The beauty of this service, is that the more people there are traveling in your party, the cheaper the price becomes.  To read more about the private shuttle service from Ciampino airport, simply click on the following link: Private Airport Transfer From Ciampino Airport

Pre-bookable Taxis

This option has become a very popular choice with passengers for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons, is that it provides you with a peace of mind that you will have a taxi waiting for you at the airport and because you will have paid in advance and not have to worry how much you will be charged. Many people are a little apprehensive about getting in a taxi at the airport for various reasons. The language barrier is one reason and as metioned earlier, people worry about the cost and whether they will be over charged for their journey. Pre-booking your taxi in advance eliminate all these worries and is the ideal option if you require a taxi from Ciampino airport. To read more and find out how much a taxi would be to pre-book, simply click on the following link: Pre-book a taxi from Ciampino Airport – Pre-book a Taxi from Ciampino Airport To Rome 

Car Hire

Car hire is a viable option, especially if there are several people traveling in your party and your final destination is quite some distance away from the airport. Obviously, if you are just visiting Rome, then car hire would not be the best or most viable option. However, if you intend traveling around Italy and want to do a little exploring during your stay in Italy, car hire from Ciampino airport is worth looking at and can be a good option as a Rome airport transfer. The beauty of car rental from Ciampino Airport is that it provides you with transport for the duration of your stay and also lets you structure your own timetable throughout your stay without having to rely on public transport or taxis. This is really beneficial if you have a late night arrival or early morning departure.

Hopefully the above list will help you decide as to which Rome airport transfer you will choose on your visit to Ciampino airport.