The Rome Public Transport System Explained

How To Use The Buses, Metro and Trains In Rome

Rome has a very efficient public transport network that operates throughout the city and is pretty in- expensive to use. However, just like any other major city abroad, if you haven’t used it before, it can seem a little complicated at first but once you have used it, it all seem fairly straight forward. The best way to understand the travel system in Rome is to simply become familiar with it and how it works before you go and this way, you will not be caught out.

The main transport hub in Rome is the main station known as ‘Roma Termini’. This is the main station for trains, Metro and the main bus terminus is located directly in front of the Termini station.

What You Need To Travel On Public Transport In Rome

In order to use any of the public transport in Rome such as the buses, trams, trolley buses or trains, you need to first purchase a ticket prior to boarding. Before you begin your journey, you must first validate your ticket before travelling on any bus, tram, trolley bus or train. If you fail to validate your ticket before you travel and cannot present a valid ticket if requested, you could face being issued with an on the spot fine of 50 euros or a penalty up to 500 euros, even if you had a ticket but forgot to validate it!

  1. Buy a ticket
  2. Validate your ticket
  3. Travel

How To Validate Your Tickets On Rome Public Transport

Bus or Tram: On the buses and trams in Rome, there are ticket machines located near the doors. Upon boarding the bus or tram, you will need to validate your ticket to allow you to travel on legally. To validate your ticket, simply insert your ticket into the machine in the direction of the arrow.

Metro: To validate your ticket when travelling on the Metro in Rome, you will need to insert your ticket into the slot at the front of the turnstile at the barrier. Your ticket will then pop out of the top and you will need to retrieve your ticket before entering through the turnstile onto the platform.

Train: To validate your ticket before travelling on the trains in Rome, you will need to locate one of the yellow ticket machines that are usually located on the platforms or in the entrance of the train station. Simply insert your ticket into the machine before you board the train and your ticket will be validated.

Please Note: If you have purchased one of the multi day passes you will only need to validate your ticket once and this will be the very first time you use your ticket. However, you will obviously need to keep your ticket safe and with you at all times when you are travelling, just in case the inspector requests to see it.

If you are travelling with the Roma Pass, you will need to hold the card over the yellow sebsor on the machine until the green light flashes.

Always Carry A Ticket

If you intend using the bus or any other public transport network during your visit, then the best policy whilst you are in Rome in to always carry a bus ticket. You never know when you may need to catch a bus and if you always have a bus ticket with you, you will be prepared.

Where To Buy Bus or Public Transport Tickets In Rome

You can buy your bus or public transport tickets in several different places such as vending machines at the Metro stations, at the Termini station, tobacconists, bars, newspaper stands and major bus stops.

How Much Is A Ticket

On both the Metro system and bus networks throughout Rome, there is a flat fare € 1,50 (at the time of writing). This means that whether you make a journey for just one or two stops or you stay on the bus or Metro for the full during until the end of the line, it will cost the same price. However, on the buses, once your ticket is first validated, your ‘Standard Ticket’ lasts for 100 minutes and allows you to change buses if there is no direct bus to your desired destination.

Children under the age of 10 travel FREE on the public transport in Rome but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Please Note: If you have a Roma Pass, then you will be entitled to FREE travel on public transport.

Different Types Of Travel Tickets In Rome

Although there is one flat fare for journeys on the bus and Metro networks throughout Rome, there are several different types of tickets available. If you are only taking one or two single trips during your stay then you might be ok with just paying for the single tickets that allow you 100 minutes for each journey. However, if you are staying in Rome for several days and wish to use the public travel networks during your stay, then you might be better purchasing one of the multi day Rome travel pass tickets that are available.

Standard Ticket (Integrated Time Ticket): The standard ticket allows you to travel for one single journey on the Metro or on the bus network for 100 minutes from validation of the ticket. You can transfer buses during this 100 minutes if there is no direct line to your chosen destination.

Roma 24 Hour Ticket: This ticket allows you 24 hours (from validation of your ticket) unlimited travel on the public transport networks in Rome including buses, Metro and trains.

Roma 48 Hour Ticket: From initial validation, you have 48 hours unlimited travel on all public transport networks including buses, Metro and trains.

Roma 72 Hour Ticket: 72 hours of unlimited travel on buses, Metro and trains from the time of validation.

Integrated Weekly: This ticket is valid for one week (7 days) from the day of validation up until midnight of the seventh day. It allows you to travel on all Rome public transport throughout the city including the buses, trains and Metro.

Rome Public Transport






Bus Stop: Fermata

The bus stops in Rome usually say the word ‘Fermata’ (meaning ‘Bus Stop’) on the top and then underneath which bus stop it is. The bus stop also has several other different things listed below such as the bus numbers and several different letters.

Understanding The Bus Stop Signs In Rome

If you have never been to Rome or ever caught a bus in Rome you may ask the question,

“what do all the letters on the bus stops in Rome mean”

Well, on most bus stop signs in Rome, you will see several different letters and they are usually:

X, U and N

X (espressa): X signifies express services and these buses only stop at limited designated stops, so you should be careful about catching these buses unless you know that it stops at the stop you want.

U: (urbana0U signifies the Urban buses and these are the buses that you will generally catch around the city.

N (notturna): N signifies Night bus and usually run between the hours of midnight and 5.30am.