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This website is designed to provide you with all the information about Rome Ciampino Airport, how to get from the airport to the centre of Rome and the main ‘Termini’ train station using public transport such as the local bus service, train, taxis and airport shuttle services that are in place. The website also provides relevant information about all the latest Arrivals and Departures, nearby hotels, car hire, Duty Free, Check-In and Security, Ground Support and transportation as well as other facilities at the airport. You will also be able to read about the popular attractions in Rome and getting to them from the airport.

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Where Is Rome Ciampino Airport

Ciampino is the regions oldest airport that is still in operation.  Rome Ciampino is situated on the Via Appia Nuova just outside the city of Rome, approximately 15klm (9 miles) South East of Rome city centre.

The airport was opened in 1916 and up until 1960 used to be the main airport servicing Rome but when Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport in Fiumicino opened, the main airport of Rome ‘Ciampino’ took second place and flights into the airport were dramatically reduced.

However, since the introduction of the low budget airlines such as Ryanair, Ciampino has been put firmly back on the map and is now enjoying a huge growth in passenger traffic. The airport is becoming one of the fastest growing airports in Italy, with nearly 5.5 millions passenger using the it last year. The beauty about of flying into the airport at Ciampino, is that it still offers passenger very easy access to the centre of Rome. In fact, the transportation system that is in place ensures that passengers have a number of cheap options to get to and from the airport.

Getting To And From Ciampino Airport

Ciampino Airport Train

There is no direct rail link servicing Ciampino Airport but there is a train station in Ciampino, where you can then take a train to Rome Termini Station. Passengers can easily connect from the airport to the main train station in Ciampino using one of the shuttle bus services. There are regular bus services that operate throughout the day from the airport to Ciampino and then from Ciampino train station to Ciampino Airport. The train from Ciampino to the centre of Rome takes between 20-30 minutes. If you plan on taking a train from Ciampino train station to Rome, you will require a ticket before you travel and you will need to stamp the ticket on the platform before you board the train.  You can purchase a train ticket from one of the ticket machines at Ciampino train station. To read more about catching the train from Ciampino Airport to Termini (Rome’s main central train station) and to see a step by step guide, simply click on the following link:  Ciampino Airport To Rome By Train 

Buses From Ciampino Airport

Ciampino Airport Rome ItalyThere are buses that operate from outside the terminal building at Ciampino Airport and these buses will take you to Anagnina metro station.  From Anagnina station (Line A), you can then take the metro to Rome Termini station.  The journey usually takes around 30 minutes depending on traffic.  This option is relatively cheap but can be very busy and crowded, which is not the best option if you have a lot of luggage or are travelling with children.

One of the easiest ways to get to the centre of Rome is to go by coach. Terravision operate a regular coach service from Ciampino airport to the centre of Rome and it really is a
cheap and stress free way to get there, especially if you have luggage.

The journey from Ciampino airport to Rome Termini station is approximately 40-45 minutes depending on traffic.

Ticket bought online cost 4€ one way, 8€ return. Otherwise 6€ and 12€. (at the time of writing).  The coaches depart every 30 minutes from Termini station in central Rome and they depart in relation with the flight times of the main airline companies.

Coaches leave Ciampino airport every hour (sometimes more frequent) but you can check out the times and pre-book your seat (always a good idea to avoid queues) by clicking on the link below:

Rome Ciampino Airport To City Centre

Taxis From Ciampino Airport

You can get a taxi from outside the airport and although there is supposed to be regulations in place for taxis to charge a fixed rate from the airport to the city centre (inside the Aurelian walls), it is always worthwhile making sure you agree the fixed price before accepting a ride and getting into the taxi.  The fixed rate is 30 euros (at the time of writing, it may have increased a little so anything between 30-40 euros is probably right at this current time) but if you use this as a ball park figure, your shouldn’t go too far wrong.

If you cannot get a fixed price, make sure you ask for an approximate price and then make sure they have the meter running.  The official taxis are white with an illuminated taxi sign on the roof. You will see the taxis waiting for passengers once you exit the main Arrivals doors as the taxi rank is directly in front of you.

Car Hire From Ciampino Airport

There are a number of major car hire companies that operate from ciampino airport but there are a couple which consistently offer great deals.  To help you find the best deals on your car hire from Ciampino airport, we have provided a link below to a website that will make your searching easier.  Obviously, you can look around but the one on the website are probably the better ones to choose from.

Hotels Near Ciampino Airport

Many passengers who travelling to and from ciampino choose to stay at one of the hotels close to the airport. There are a number of hotels located near to the airport and these hotels suit all requirement and budgets. To read more about these hotels and to find the best deals on hotels near the airport , simply click on the following link: Ciampino Hotels 

Accommodation In Rome

Whatever your budget or taste may be, Rome has accommodation to suit all needs.  Whether you are looking for a cheap and cheerful hostel in the centre of Rome or the luxuries of a 5 star hotel, you are sure to find a deal that is right for you.

Facilities at Ciampino Airport

  • Cash Machines In Arrivals Area
  • Baggage Wrapping
  • Information Desks
  • Post Office
  • Currency Exchange
  • Disable Facilities
  • Nursey With Qualified Staff
  • Pharmacy
  • Cafes, Bar, Restaurants
  • VIP Lounge – Get the most from VIP Lounges and begin your journey in luxury.

Ciampino Airport Opening Hours

The opening hours of Rome Ciampino Airport are 04.00am – 12.00am

The main Departures area is closed from 12.00am until 04.00 but passengers are allowed to wait in the Arrivals lobby from 12.00am-04.00 am. However, there is not much room and the Arrivals Lobby only has a few seats, this means that you will need to sit on the floor if you do not manage to get a seat.

Ciampino Airport Information

Airport Arrivals: To check all the latest information on all flight arrivals at Ciampino airport, please click on the following link: Rome Ciampino Airport Arrivals

Airport Departures: To keep up to date with all the Departures at Ciampino airport, the following widget will help keep you informed: Rome Ciampino Airport Departures

Wiki: If you would like more information regarding the history of the airport in Ciampino and its statistics, you can read more on the following Wikipedia page: Wikipedia 

Which Rome Airport

The two main airports in Rome are Fiumicino Airport (FCO Airport) and Ciampino. Which one you choose is basically down to your budget, the flights available and you own personal preference. Which ever one of the airports in Rome you choose to fly in to, you will not have a problem reaching your final destination.

Roma Pass

The Roma Pass is a 3 day pass that allows visitors to enjoy free use of the public transport network through Rome and also offers many other privileges to its holders such as free entry to the first 2 museums or archaeological sites and then discounted rate on all others. There are now several different cards as well as the 3day card such as the 48 & 72 hour pass.

Ciampino Airport Code: The Airport code for Rome Ciampino is CIA

Ciampino Airport Address: G B Pastine-Ciampino Via Appia Nuova I-00040 Rome Ciampino Italy

Ciampino Airport Map